Bigg Boss 11: Arshi eliminated from the house

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi eliminated from the house
Written by Abhishek Rana

Arshi has been eliminated from the house. In a shocking moment for the show, she was eliminated because she got the least votes from the audiences and had to leave the house. She was one of the most controversial and provocative contest in the house, having started fighting the members inside the house. When she came to the show, she confessed that she has come to create controversy and instigate fights between the members of the house. She was the friend of Vikas, Aakash and Shilpa, whom she reconnected  on today’s episode. She said that their every fight and misunderstandings were forgiven and she was friends again with Shilpa.

Arshi’s elimination is shocking because other contenders had predicted that she would at least reach the top three at the end of the show.

Now, as another contestant has gone out of the house, the competition has narrowed and there will be much scheming and plotting among the remaining Gharwalas to reach the semi-finals.

The followers of the Gharwalas now have the chance to send their favorite contestant to the semi-finals, as the show will be opening live voting, in which people can vot for the contestants they like for a limited amount of time. The winner will be based on the highest number of votes accumulated by a contestant.

People can vote through SMS, time they can also support their favorite contestant through the VOOT app. They can also find additional information on the official site of the show.

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