Roadies Xtreme starts off Neha Dhupia and team with new troops

Roadies Xtreme starts off Neha Dhupia and team with new troops
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Latest season of Roadies Xtreme has finished their auditions and all 3 clans have gotten their troops. The long and exhausting+ trail of infamous roadies audition that travels in the entire country has finally shut itself close with long and satisfying list of contestants. Ranvijay Singh Singha has apparently got the best of them boys and looking forward to yet another great season. Neha Dhupia who has been a part of roadies for quite a few seasons now is eyeing for the gold this time with her list of boys and girls. Roadies as a show is survival of the fittest and no one is more than Prince Narula.

During the auditions the contestants, if selected are given a choice to prefer their own mentor for the rest of the show. In last season many people didn’t prefer Prince Narula at first because he is a rookie in comparison to Ranvijay, who has been doing this his entire life so far. The scale of auditions changed this season as the number of people wanting to participate were more than ever. Roadies has been continuously going for a decade now but the craze of it always seems to catch up with upcoming younger generation.

Even after Raghu and Rajeev, who were the backbone of this show left it, the roadies has not lost it’s charm. The viewer base is evergrowing as quantifiable number of people are switching to smaller screen windows for entertainment. Web or Television, this is the best time for content generation or generated to commence the audience into giving them eyeballs. Each season roadies brings up new set of challenges and norms which keeps it interesting for mentors and audience. Previous year contestant Priyank Sharma could now be seen in Bigg Boss getting extreme popularity or someone like Ayushman Khurana, who is a very successful film star now. Roadies Xtreme has promised to push the boundaries to new extent.

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