Big Boss 11: Priyank Sharma to get evicted this week, Luv Tyagi is Safe with more vote

Big Boss 11:  Priyank Sharma to get evicted this week, Luv Tyagi is Safe with more vote

The Big Boss Season 11 currently has only 6 contests, and the 13th week will end after the shoot of today’s episode. Also, from the two nominated members, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma one will be out this week from the Big Boss house. It will be revealed in the episode of Saturday or Sunday’s Weekend ka War. But before that let me tell you that Yesterday after the last day of voting, it is in the news on social media, that Luv Tyagi got more votes than Priyank Sharma. So, on the bases of the votes, Priyank will be evicted this week from the house. 

Fan following of Luv Tyagi is gradually increasing on social media. Users say that Luv has impressed them a lot in the last 2-3 weeks. From the beginning of the Big Boss house to the present, both of them came here playing as a good friend. But now the viewers have to pick one of the two and they selected Luv in comparison with Priyank Sharma. Luv Tyagi come as a Neighbor in the house has come to be quite favored with lots of people now. Because of this, he can be safe this week and can reach in the semifinal of the Big Boss season 11.

Luv who was at the risk of elimination, a few weeks back because of his inactivity in the house, now become more active than others. Like in the family and the captaincy task he did the very funny role to win the task and yes he won the task. He becomes a girl to entertain and makes everyone to laugh. Now because of his actively participating in all the task, the things have changed drastically for Luv and he is increasingly becoming a favorite among housemates as well as viewers. In that case, we won’t be surprised if Luv actually reaches in the semifinal in this season.

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