Top Bollywood Actress of 2017

Top Bollywood Actress of 2017

2017 presented a lot of amazing female actors to Hindi film industry as they graced the screen with their amazing sense of character portrayal and unlike film choices. In Indian cinema, actresses are mostly portrayed as a side vehicle to a hero or objectified physically to get the crowd inside the theater. Films are still being made which have item numbers in it and a female actor is used a mode of seduction. Konkona Sen Sharma gave an exceptional perfrmance in Lipstick under my Burkha of a lady who can’t stand up to her husband and can’t confront him about his lies and lifestyle.

Her Portrayal was exceptional and on point while she also directed a highly acclaimed film A Death in the Gunj. Kriti Sanon was seen in 2 films this year, Raabta and Bareilly ki Barfi. Apart from the fact that Raabta was a disappointment, she garnered the best reviews of her entire career in Bareilly ki Barfi. She Portrayed the character of Bitti Sharma, a small town girl who wants freedom in a man’s world where people have hypocritical thing. Kriti Sanon soared high above of any other performance she has done so far and was great appreciated for her role.

Ratna Pathak Shah gave a phenomenal performance as an old lady who still has sexual fantasizes but has to hide it because of the pressure from society in Lipstick Under my Burkha. She tries to seduce her swimming trainer on phone with a false identity but fails miserably in the end only to realize that the narrow minded society will immediately neglect what they can’t understand. Anushka Shetty was the part of the biggest film of all time by the name of Baahubali, where she portrayed the character of Devasena. Devasana is a fierce warrior who could stand toe to toe with Amrendra Baahubali and waited decades for the vengeance against the man who plotted her husband’s murder. Portrayal of Devasena was inspiring and strong as any other character in Baahubali.

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