Baahubali: The Lost Legends episode 1 review, A ravishing beginning

Baahubali: The Lost Legends episode 1 review, A ravishing beginning
Written by Abhishek Rana

Baahubali: The Lost Legends is a continuation of the blockbuster Baahubali series, and it is an animated show that broadens the scope of the original stories. It involves all the characters, but also gives them new shades and dimension, to better understand the decisions which they’re going to make in the future. The first episode, titled, The Legend Begins, is the story of the two brother, who are studying the art of warfare and politics, when the near by village is attacked by the bandits and they have to save the residents by using their intelligence and strength.

The show has beautiful animation, and the voice artistry by the cast is wonderful and is suitable to their characters; it never seems that they’re trying to emulate or copy the iconic performances from the original cast members. The story might seem like another way to broaden the appeal og the show but it has actually been well crafted, with very good dialogue and little twists and turns before every advertisement break. The people who watch the show, will be astonished at the level of authenticity, as the animation is so well done that even the characters’ faces look alike to their live counter-parts.

The show has more episodes, and it has already set up most of the character, while others will be debuting later as the story goes on. It will be shown at the Colors TV channel, every Sunday, at 11:30 AM. The show has already been uploaded to the Amazon prime, and people can always watch it there, but for many who do not have the same facilities, it is a good choice to see the series on their television sets, because it looks great, has very peppy music and well written dialogue that will be appreciated by many people and kids alike.


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