Akshay Kumar shared a film to promote #StandByToughMoms

Akshay Kumar shared a film to promote #StandByToughMoms
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Akshay Kumar took to micro blogging website and shared a short film made by All Out which has a deep message in it. Film calls itself stand by tough moms and showcases a story of a family which is hell bent on the mother for not giving food to her boy but they don’t realize that it is for a reason. The small kid has taken 10 rupee from mom without asking her and the family thinks that it is a matter of only 10 rupees but there is something more important in their that they don’t realize.

Grandfather takes the command of dining table in his hand and start talking to the family in authoritative way. he explains to them that it is not about 10 rupees, it’s about the habit of boy that he stole the money at such a young age. If he can do stealing now than god knows what he will be doing in the future hence the punishment given to him is a necessary evil. He also says that it is very important to punish a child in a dignified way or else he will commit bigger mistakes in future only to realize that it was bad parenting all through it.

Grandfather initially says that if it was up to him than he would not have given food to that boy for two days but at the end of his speech eh asks him to finish the food on his plate. Film was made to give a wonderful message that if one sees a mother getting tough on her child than one should support her instead of putting blames on her or calling her a cruel person. A mother would ideally never do something which is not for the improvement of her child and she should be supported in the act.

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