Rajinikanth to announce his party name and flag on this day

Rajinikanth to announce his party name and flag on this day
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

A few months ago Tamil superstar Rajinikanth announced that he will be joining politics to eye the chief minister post in Tamil Nadu. He will be competing in 2021 elections and is about to start his own party instead of joining the existing ones. Rajinikanth will announce the name of his party and flag on 14 April which is Tamil New Year. Rajinikanth will actively start promoting his party after the release of his upcoming film Kaala, which will be out on 27 April. He will host a big party conference in Chennai or Trichy this summer to announce a few agendas.

His arch-rival Kamal Hassan has already stared the work with his political campaign and is working his way in entire Tamil Nadu bit by bit to look for the places of improvement. Kamal is visiting a new constituency every day and due to his massive stardom, people are following him. Kamal also announced the name of his party and the flag recently as he is also looking to be the chief minister in 2021 elections. Kamal announced about his political intentions way back and Rajini joined in later though it will be a serious competition to Kamal since Rajini is obviously the bigger star.

Both of them started their career at the same time and were drew comparisons of all their lives. Rajini was the big massive superstar of mass cinema while Kamal delivered some of the most iconic performances in brilliant films which may or may not have become the biggest cheats on box office. Both of them are undoubtedly cult and fans stopped comparing beyond a point as they grew in their careers but now they are standing on the same way looking to get their first. Not so much as film stars but politicians have got real race going between them for maximum vote counts depending on who takes the cake.

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