Chanakya movie: Ajay Devgn to be star, Neeraj Pandey to direct the period epic

Chanakya movie: Ajay Devgn to be star, Neeraj Pandey to direct the period epic

Ajay Devgn is going to star in Chanakya, directed by Neeraj Pandey. The movie is going to be based on the life of one of the greatest Indian thinker, philosophers, economist and royal advisor, Chanakya, also known in the popular culture as Kautilya or Vishnugupta. He wrote the influential document, Arthshastra, which became a foundation for Indian political sciences and economics. He was the royal advisor to Mauryan King, Chandragupta, and was also responsible for the establishment, and refinement of the empire. Chanakya is a one of the most fascinating historical personalities in the rich history of India and a biographical drama based on his life is going to be difficult to tackle because of his provocative and unsentimental approach to politics.

But Ajay Devgn is one of the most popular actors in the country, and his known for his intense portrayals. He has previously tackled the role of Othello, in Vishal Bhardwaj’s acclaimed Omkara, and has similarly known for his stern performances that aren’t big in most ways, but deliver on the startling intensity of his characters.

Neeraj Pandey’s previous movie, Aiyaary, was a commercial and critical flop, but he has shown a lot of promise as a director in his other projects, like the critically lauded Special 26, so it is possible that he is going to be back with a compelling portrait of Chanakya. Ajay Devgn recently starred in the dramatic thriller, Raid, which was both a commercial and critical hit. He has also signed on to director Luv Ranjan’s next movie, opposite Ranbir Kapoor. The movie has been in constant news because of the rumors that it is going to be a serious romance drama, and Ajay could be playing Ranbir’s father. A female lead for the movie is yet to be finalized, however there are rumors of Shraddha Kapoor circling the movie.


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