World Population Day 2018, them reminds of the importance and necessity of family planning

World Population Day 2018, them reminds of the importance and necessity of family planning

World Population Day is celebrated on July 11 2018 every year and is meant to spread awareness about the situation regarding growth of population across the earth. The day was established by the Governing Council of United Nations Programme in the year of 1989. The inspiration for the day rose from Five Billion day, which was celebrated on July 11 1989, because world’s population had grown to the aforementioned number. The day isn’t meant for celebration, but to plan for the future of the species by reflecting on the growth of birth rate, the natural resources to sustain humans, the effects of poverty, gender divides across different cultures.

The theme for this year is, “Family Planning is a Human Right”. It is a self explanatory phrase, which is reminds that it is human’s right to plan their family as they want to, and the importance to understand how much a person can spend on them; for the care of his or her children, their education and future facilities.

It is also important to remember that as the population of earth grows, there is going to be more struggles for resources, and people with connections and who stand at the apex of the society are more likely to access them than the middle class public. As the population of the world grows, there are going to be more problems, and with countries divided into themselves because of discrimination and inequality, it is very difficult to sustain life on minimal resources as others clamor to get it too. If a couple decides to plan their lives from the beginning it could help them in future, and create less problems for them. Because if we are aware and have resources enough for our families, we can go long way without falling in trouble as they dwindle and collapse.


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