Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar breaks Box Office record in China

Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar breaks Box Office record in China

Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar got only a lukewarm response in India. It certainly wasn’t the kind of success like Dangal, and there were reports suggesting that it under performed massively. It could have been because the movie dealt with many issues like domestic abuse, something which is always difficult to watch. But, it seems that even an extended cameo by Aamir Khan, which also contributed to less enthusiasm because people thought they would get more of him in the movie, has the power to sway the Chinese population toward the cinema halls. As Secret Superstar has smashed all box office records and opened on an exceptional, 6.79 million [₹ 43.35 cr] on Friday. The numbers are even higher than Dangal.

It should be noted that Dangal became a worldwide, and a sensational hit because of a massive support from the Chinese box office, hauling as much as 500 crore. For now, the predictions are that the movie is going to haul as much as Rs 540 crore from China, which, when combined by the Rs 150 crore that was earned by the movie in India, could easily make it the highest grossing movie of 2017. Such numbers are indeed staggering, and an example of the star power of Aamir Khan, who seems to have left every other star in the dust with the kind of fan following he has in the neighbouring country.

There might be some tensions between India and China, but people love him so much that they will still watch all of his movies with as much enthusiasm as ever. The movie has been acclaimed by the critics, and the performances of Khan, Zaira Wasim and Meher gill were especially praised by the critics. When it was looking like Secret Superstar might have been a little disappointment, box office wise, the Chinese market again shocked us by their diligent love for Aamir Khan.


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