Arvind Kejriwal comments on MLA disqualification from AAP

Arvind Kejriwal comments on MLA disqualification from AAP

Arvind Kejriwal’s, Aam Admi Party has suffered a severe blow from the election commission, that could be another set for him as well. Arvind’s tenure as the Chief Minister of Delhi has been tumultuous ever since he won the elections with majority three years ago. And now, the election commission’s decision to disqualify 20 ministers from the party has once again brought him closer to controversy. But, Arvind had some sharp words for the situation, as he too to twitter, to explain his views on the controversy. He tweeted in Hindi, and this is a rough translation,”When you take the route of honesty, you are bound to face obstacles. This is a natural thing. However, all the forces of universe come together to help you in the situation. God also helps you. Because, you are not working for your own selfish goals, you are working for the well being of your country and the society. History is witness that in the end, truth ultimately prevails.”

Out of the twenty MLAs who were disqualified, seven moved the High court and challenged the decision of the Election commission. However, Chief Justice Gita Mittal dismissed their pleas.

Congress and BJP parties were quick to jump on the situation, and demanded that Arvind Kejriwal should resign, on moral grounds, of all things. The Aam Admi Party is not threatened drastically by the disqualification if these MLAs because they do have 65 MLAs in the 70-member assembly. But, it should be noted that such situations usually weaken the support, and strengthen the people who are attacking the party. Kejriwal’s government has previously come under fire for not being able to control pollution in the city and other corruption charges that was leveled against it’s members.

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