Aamir Khan is inviting people for Shram Daan on Maharashtra Day

Aamir Khan is inviting people for Shram Daan on Maharashtra Day

Superstar Aamir Khan took to micro blogging website and posted a video where he is asking people to join him for Shram Daan on 1 May which is Maharashtra Day. Aamir Khan is someone who is known for welfare of the society and extends his hand in participating in such activities. This day is celebrated to the farmers of the state who work hard to provide everything that one eats above the chain but not given nearly enough due. Situation of farmers is very bad in Maharashtra which is why they organized a march from Nasik to Mumbai bare-feet.

They came here to appeal to the government that their needs should be fulfilled hence farmers would have to continue committing suicide not just in Maharashtra but many regions of this country. Aamir Khan is helping in a way that he most efficiently can by involving himself directly and the matter will get a lot of attention and media coverage. He will be present there and work on the field himself so that the farmer issue can come in light to people and get noticed as an auspicious day of 1 May.

Last date of registering for Shram Daan is 25 April and it will happen in many villages of the region as Aamir has not specified his presence in a particular village because than most of the crowd will be diverted there and not many would show up in rest of the villages. It’s a very good strategy by him in order to get some attention on the topic and not divert it on his presence entirely. Many other politicians might be present there to support the cause of farmer development as government has mostly failed to uplift the one who provides life to every other. Ministers have forgotten that farmers are the one providing food to them as well.

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