Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar October 7

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar October 7
Written by Abhishek Rana

Salman khan finally brings the hammer down in this shocking episode, as he aggressively, and appropriately scolds Zubair Khan for humiliating and verbally abusing women in the house. He rightfully told everyone that verbally abusing women won’t be allowed in the Bigg Boss house and also reprimanded Hiten Tejwani for not trying to stop what was going on in the house even though he seems to be the most sensible person in the house.

Before all this, all the Gharwala’s decided to name one member of the house whose behaviour they found in the house disappointing, so that the person would be made to sit on the electric bull, and the majority chose Arshi Khan, who obliged by sitting on the bull.

As the episode went along, Salman also scold Hina Khan for not trying to advice Zubair to tone it down with the abusive language, and also tells Arshi to stop using dirty words once for all. Hina and Arshi then began to fight, blaming each other of what they’d spoken to each other and then Salman said that they don’t have to provoke each other anymore.

Salman then provides footage of previous day to show how Arshi and Hina fight each other, and how abusive Arshi is to everyone, calling people wrong epithets and sexual preferences. Everyone then began to blame each other for starting fights and calling each other derogatory names.

Then, in a shocking twist, Salman khan shows a fight that occurred Aakash, Priyank and Vikas, which ended with Priyank pushing Aakash. Now, Salman Khan has decided to eliminate one of them, which might lead to Priyank’s elimination.

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