Black Panther box office: It’s a rage that’s storming the cash registers worldwide

Black Panther box office: It’s a rage that’s storming the cash registers worldwide

Marvel’s Black Panther has already gained a cult status as far as superhero films are concerned as the film has broken or rather shattered many barriers. It is literally the fast all black star cast superhero film in the history of cinema that depicts the story of an extraordinary tribe from Africa. A scope like that has never been seen on film before which is why half the planet has gone gaga over it, which has converted into some massive box office records.

In America film has grossed $295 million, which is extraordinary for domestic collection of first week and internationally film has grossed $230 million which gets the total to $525 million. This box office is practically insane for a week’s collection as most of the world was under the illusion that black films won’t run as much internationally but Black Panther has proved that Race has nothing to do with the content of the film and it will work if people appreciate the content that is being displayed for over 2 hours on a gigantic screen for which they have paid. Black Panther is a path breaker in more than most ways.

Director Ryan Coogler made Creed with Michael Jordan which is an extension of Rocky Balboa films but he made it a black film and it was accepted through out the world with open arms. Black Panther got a wonderful introduction in Captain America: Civil War which is what made fans go gaga for a stand alone film plus a lot of Infinity War is based in Wakanda which is why it was important to set the geography up before hand as Black Panther is the last lead up to Infinity war which might just be the most anticipated film of all time in the history of cinema and might also gather the widest international release of all time.

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