3 Storeys poster and trailer: Lives connect and intertwine in the first look

A new poster and teaser trailer for the movie 3 Storeys has been released and it looks very interesting and intriguing indeed. Starring Richa Chadha, Pulkit Samrat among others, the movie will incorporate the stories of different people from the same community and how their stories are connected with each other. The teaser is 1 minute long and seems to to show some of the conflicts and the relationships that they share with each other. Among the narrative strands, there’s a case of stolen diamonds, a love story and familial strife, which all looks intense and familiar enough so that we feel it could easily be happening to us too.

The movie is directed by Arjun Mukerjee and is going to be released on 16th February 2018. Movies like 3 Storeys are rare in Bollywood, which is more attracted to blockbuster extravaganzas but the simple stories can be even more intriguing than any action thriller, as is seen in the trailer. The characters live their own lives but they also unknowingly affect the lives of those around them too, and that seems to be the case with 3 Storeys too.

The movie will also be exploring the themes of religious, it seems, because of a dialogue about a woman who wants to convert to Muslim religion.

The cast of the movie is even more impressive, with Richa Chadha, who excels in realistic roles as much as she’s in more commercial movies, and Pulkit Samrat, who has also done very well with jumping from different genres. Actor Sharman Joshi also stars, along with other veteran and new actors from television industry.

3 Storeys is produced by Farhan Akhtar, Priya Sreedharan and Ritesh Sidhwani. The reaction to the teaser has been very positive, and it is possible that the movie could do a very decent performance at the box office next week.




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