AAP slams BJP-led NDMC, calls new budget ‘anti-people’

AAP slams BJP-led NDMC, calls new budget ‘anti-people’

Aam Aadmi Party slams BJP led MCD proposal of uniform tax, the AAP had raised up the matter in its campaign during the polls. The ruling party called “anti-people and “short sighted”. Delhi Cheif Minister, Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday, Tweets and said, ” There is no need to increase house tax in MCD. What is reqd is to reduce corruption. If u remove corruption, u will save so much money that u will be able to actually reduce house tax.” Moreover, at the Civic Centre, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Sanjeev Jha, Leader of Opposition in North corporation, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, and few other party workers staged a protest against the revised budget estimates for North MCD. AAP said, “will not let the BJP-led MCD, to loot the Normal people and they will continue this protest till the proposals are rolled back”.

AAP MLA Sanjeev Jha talked with media and said, “The new taxes imposed by BJP government in the name of balancing the revenue and expenditure will increase the financial burden on the people of Delhi and it is totally anti-people. The Party will oppose it.”

“The alternative resources for finances should have been looked, Rather than putting additional tax, so that people would have faced any pressure,” Jha Added.



On Tuesday, the announcement was made by the civic body, and they present their estimated budget with a total revenue of Rs 8,562.28 crore. While the total expenditure is of 8,562.13 crores, for 2018-19 with the proposal of a flat 15 percent for the residential property and 20 percent for commercial property taxes, including industrial ones.

However, before implementation, the proposal will have to be ratified by the house of elected councilors and the standing committee.

The NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation) Commissioner, Madhup Vyas, While presenting the budget, proposed the simplification and rationalisation of property taxes.

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