World Soil Day: Care for the land, save the world

World Soil Day: Care for the land, save the world
Written by Abhishek Rana

World Soil Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the nature and to care about the land through which we get our food, and livelihood and sustains our life. If the soil in an are is good, and more arable, then the crops will flourish and bear a more nourishing food, than the land that’s laced with pollution and chemicals. The day is also certified by the United Nations to understand the damage that is done to the land because of the global warming and pollution, and why we must come together to save and foster habitats that are more kinder to the soil on which our crops grow.

The Theme from the United Organization for this year is, “Caring For The Planet From the Ground”, which simply means that we should all attempt to make our soil more robust and healthy so it can, in turn, help us in growing food and feeding our children and generations to come.

Soil is an important factor in climate change, as it hold almost triple the carbon than anything else and can help in controlling it. A large amount of the human food that is healthy, 95 percent to be exact, comes from the soil, so it is essential that we save it from eroding or degrading its substances. Soil erosion should also be absolutely avoided.




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