Venezuelan President Maduro targeted by Drone Attack, No casuality reported

Venezuelan President Maduro targeted by Drone Attack, No casuality reported
Written by Abhishek Lohia

During an event in Venezuela, a blast attack occurred over President Nicolas Maduro in which he survived. Maduro was delivering a speech at the celebration of 81 years of National Guard in Caracas when he had some explosives coming down. After this he stopped the speech in the middle and Caracas army immediately took the President to a safe place there. The government said that seven soldiers were injured in this incident. Nicholas Maduro said on the official channel after the incident, “This attack was done to kill me, they tried to kill me today.” He said, ‘A blasting thing has exploded in front of me.’ The president said that some have been arrested in the attack and investigations are on.

Maduro blamed neighboring countries’ unknown ‘financers’ of Colombia and the United States for the attack. At the same time, many of his officials have blamed Venezuela’s opposition camp for the attack. At the same time, a Colombian official refuted the allegations while talking to AFP on condition of anonymity. He said that the allegations of Maduro are ‘baseless’.

Jorge Rodriguez has charged the attack on the opposition. He said that the way in which the opposition was defeated in the May elections, in the same way, they failed  once again. Our president is safe. On the other hand, the National Movement of Soldiers in T-shirt posted on social media and said, “We have shown to the world that how easily they can be targeted.” We have not got success today, but this is just a matter of time. This organization Was built in 2014.

Earlier in June 2017, the bomb was dropped by a helicopter on Venezuela’s Supreme Court. Helicopter pilot Oscar Perez appealed to citizens of Venezuela to stand against Maduro.

Information Minister George Rodriguez said that “blast happened at 5 o’clock at 41 minutes local time. It has been clearly seen in the investigation that the explosive material was brought to something like a drone. ‘ At the same time, three local people said that the explosion happened due to the explosion in a gas tank in the premises.

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