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Trump-Kim Meeting: Kim Jong calls it prelude to peace

Trump-Kim Meeting: Kim Jong calls it prelude to peace
Written by Abhishek Lohia

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong met in the historic summit at Singapore. The purpose of this meeting is to make bilateral relations normal and to complete nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula. Between Trump and Kim, the meeting took place at Singapore’s popular tourist destination Santosa. This first summit between the current US president and a North Korean leader might be a turning point between the trump and Kim, which is the most endangered relationships ever. Donald Trump said that he is feeling really good, discussions and relationships are going to be fantastic between these two nations. While Kim Jong said,”It was not easy to come here, there were many obstacles but we were able to cross them.

Before the evening of the meeting, the US had offered ‘specific’ security guarantee to North Korea instead of “complete, verified and irreversible” nuclear disarmament. The purpose of this meeting is nuclear disarmament. If Kim moved towards nuclear disarmament, then it would be Trump’s victory. After this, the US can put an end to economic sanctions over North Korea by putting a condition for disarmament. It is also assuming that after this, America could call back his 23 thousand soldiers, who are presently active in Korea.

After some initial exchanges lasting approximately 40 minutes, Trump and Kim Jong were seen, walking side-by-side through the colonnaded hotel before re-entering the meeting room, where they were joined by their most senior officials. Donald Trump addressed the media through a translator, “I think the entire world is watching this historical moment. Many people in the world will think of this as a scene from a fantasy science fiction movie.” When Donald Trump and Kim Jong departed from their lunch, Trump said they will be “signing” something. It is unclear what that might be, although Mr. Trump said the public will find out soon. A “really fantastic meeting, a lot of progress,” He also added.

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