Easter, a day to celebrate for the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter, a day to celebrate for the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Written by Abhishek Rana

Easter, which also referred to as Resurrection day, is day of celebration for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The New Testament states that Jesus was resurrected on the third day after being buried and crucified by the Romans in 30 AD. It marks the completion of Passion of Jesus. Christians all around the world celebrate this occasion as a part of the Holy Week, as it also includes the days of Eater Tridumm, Maundy, and Good Friday, which is remembered for the cruxcification of the Christ. The dates for Easter and Good Friday aren’t fixed, as they follow the Lunisolar calendar, which is similar to the Hebrew calendar.

There are a variety of ways to celebrate the occasion, and Christians usually begin the day with sunrise services, clipping the church, or what has become perhaps the most popular signature of the festival, decorating Easter eggs. The eggs symbolize the empty tomb, as the Christ rose from death. The Easter Lily, which is another familiar symbol that is related to resurrection, is used to decorate the chancel of the churches and the easterside.

Easter Eggs are beautifully decorated these days, with their intricate designs and colors, they are aesthetically pleasing, and people often associate them with Easter, as the social media floods with greetings and messages, with people sharing pictures of their eggs and prayers.



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