Donald Trump threatens to nuke North Korea in response to Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump threatens to nuke North Korea in response to Kim Jong Un

Donald Trump has now threatened to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un in a tweet, in which he insults him and says that if Jong Un is talking that “Nuclear button is on his desk at all times”, then he also has control over the nuke buttons, much bigger in size and also works. The tweet went viral, as people expressed shock over it and concern as to what conflict the two countries could be moving toward. The tensions between the two countries have been on the rise since the beginning of Trump’s presidency and the two leaders have exchanged a lot of hateful comments against each other.

Trump has referred to Kim Jong as rocket man and has also tweeted about him many times, mostly in reaction to the missile testing from North Korea. Earlier previous year, the nation’s missile’s have been pointed toward the United Station, something which angered Donald Trump and provoked some tweets from him. The conflict between the two countries has made the citizens of the world concerned about the possibility of war, even though there has been no violent action yet. Donald Trump went on a tweetstorm recently, claimning that the North Korean soldier’s are fleeing to South Korea. He also taunted Kim Jong yet again by calling him “Rocket Man”.

Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary of the White House, has commented that the United States still regards North Korea as a threat and is still seeking a solution on how to come to terms with the nation. Trump’s comments on twitter, and his words to refer to Kim Jong Un as “little rocket man” have shocked the world, whereas he has also said that to talk with North Korea is a waste of time.


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