Afghanistan, Kunduz, Taliban attack leaves 21 dead

Afghanistan, Kunduz, Taliban attack leaves 21 dead
Written by Abhishek Rana

The terrorist group, Taliban, were responsible for two assaults in Afghanistan, even after having agreed upon not a three day cease fire for the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr. The attacks resulted in 21 casualties, six of which are civilians. The attack took place in the Kunduz province of the country, and the intense firing caused the death of 15 military personnel. The strategic attacks were focused on the two security checkpoints in Kunduz. Another accident took place in the eastern Ghazni province. A bomb was thrown at a microbus, which caused it go down, and killed six civilians who were riding in it.

Women and children were victims of the assault, and three people were also injured due to the impact of the bomb,a spokesman on the behalf of the provincial governor, Arif Noori confirmed the news. Noori also confirmed that the bomb was implanted by the Taliban group.

They often target the security posts, to weaken them, but the attacks on the civilians are more shocking because they don’t have help from the forces, and are left for dead. Another instance in Ghazni, left three members of the local police members and 10 Talibani terrorists dead.  Jalalabad city of Nangarhar was also battered with an explosion.

The shocking instance is only an exaplex that Taliban doesn’t want to, or was never interested in keep the promise if ceasefire, which has only damaged the lives of people who were caught in the bloody situation. A similar instance of violence occured against an Education organization  in Jalalabad. However, no group from Taliban has taken responsibility for the assault, meaning that either they don’t want to accept it, or it could be another terrorist group.

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