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1,500 kg Heroin seized worth 3500 crores by Indian Coast Guard, in historic bust

Written by Karu Cheema

In the largest single historic narcotics bust seized till date, the Indian Coast Guard intercepted and apprehended a ship carrying over 1,500 kg of heroin, estimated at Rs 3,500 crore. Based on intelligence inputs , Indian Coast Guard ships Samudra, Pavak and Ankit made the interception around noon on Saturday.

“The search operation for the suspect vessel at sea was commenced by the ships and aircraft of the Coast Guard on July 27,” an official statement said, adding a vast area of the sea was kept under continuous surveillance.

“The movements of all ships in the area including the suspect vessel were minutely observed throughout till its apprehension along with eight crew members by Indian Coast Guard ships on July 29,” it said.

The ship was brought to Gujarat’s Porbandar on Sunday morning for further investigation. A joint investigation by the Coast Guard, Intelligence Bureau, police, customs, Navy and other agencies is currently underway, officials said. With this bust, it becomes among the biggest crime expose spectacle happened in last decade around the world. Lets check out few famous drug bust around the world :

  • 17,500 pounds of cocaine was seized by Colombian Police belonging to Usuga clan. Drugs were estimated to be in millions of dollars, which were found in banana form.
  • 2 canadians were arrested for smuggling aroung 30 million dollars worth of cocaine in Australia. They concealed the drugs inside luggage , with towel over it. It was hailed as one of the biggest ‘drug bust’ , in Australia.
  • In 2014, Saudi Arabia, 6 people were arrested for smuggling over 22 million amphetamine pills, estimated at a prive of over 220 million dollars. They used barbed wire and plastic wrapping to conceal it.
  • In 2010, Saudi and Turkish authorities seized 30 ton of narcotic material, which was a by-product enough to create 200 million dollar worth of drug.

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