Splitsvilla 10 episode 2 updates: Divya and Priyank win the task

Splitsvilla 10 episode 2 updates: Divya and Priyank win the task
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Splitsvilla 10 episode 2 was very interesting to watch for as the show has started gaining some impulse. The host of the show, Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone are also the main reason for the show to grab so much attention among the people as the way they handle all the tensions and problems is just appreciable. In episode 2 also they deleted all the tensions and problems prevailing in the show. For the initial part they made it really easy for Priyank to choose his desired connection in between Nibedita and Divya. The thing which happened just before the main task was that Priyank’s placard which had his connection name was eventually revealed. What he did was, he first wrote Divya’s name and then struck off it and wrote Nibedita’s name. Sunny made an error and announced Divya’s name but then Rannvijay corrected Sunny and the things again got complicated. Before Nibedita could get happy about the fact that she has been chosen by Priyank, he was given a chance on the spot to make up his mind on the decision.  Priyank then very sweetly talked to her, and somehow managed to convince her to say YES to him. Though the moment was very cute, we could almost hear the sound of Nibedita’s heart breaking into a hundred pieces.

Another cute thing that happened on the show was the insecurity of Divya meeting Priyank without makeup as she did not know that boys would be there where the boys were supposed to meet the girls. The first challenge which was given to the contestants was to test their connection. There was a lot of running by both the boys and girls as they were given the task to pass to each other the names of popular couples and put them on a giant board. In this task, it seemed like Divya and Priyank hit the right chord by choosing each other as this made them win the task. Divya celebrated her victory by dancing in between the tasks.

Next at the dumping ground which is now known as The Dome, Nibedita got eliminated and questioned Priyank’s loyalty on the show. Siddharth also goes through some trouble but he overcomed with logic and his charm. Nibedita eventually gets eliminated. As she was competing against Divya, she gets a chance to form an oracle.  The oracle is a new element that will judge, scientifically, if the two contestants are fit for each other or not. Oracle tells that Divya and Priyank are not a perfect match. Since they were wrong about each other, Nibedita gets saved and no one gets eliminated from the show. The impressive part of the show was that Priyank and Divya sticked to their decision to be with each other despite all the odds against them of Rannvijay and Oracle’s doubts too.

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