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So UIDAI declines reports on Aadhaar software hacking?

So UIDAI declines reports on Aadhaar software hacking?

UIDAI Hacking Issue: The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has described the news of the burglar as a complete misleading in Aadhaar. UIDAI said that such reports are not only misleading but also irresponsible and these have no base. The base database is completely secure. By issuing an official statement on Tuesday, UIDAI said that the report of alleged hacking of Aadhaar Enrollment Software in the social media is completely false. IDE said that burglary is not possible in the base database. Let us know that during the hearing in the Supreme Court in March, the CEO of UIDAI gave a PowerPoint presentation in front of the Constitution bench. In his 80 minute presentation, he told the court that the data recorded on the base is completely safe. He told the court that all biometric data of the base is protected from 2048 bit encryption. So stealing this data is like impossible for anyone.

What Media claimed about UIDAI Hacking Issue?

After a three month long investigation, a media report claimed that the database of the base could be broken through a software patch. In the report of ‘HuffPost India’, it was claimed that any unauthorized person could make a base ID from anywhere in the world, through this patch easily available for just Rs 2,500.

The hack of the Aadhaar enrollment software jeopardises the sanctity of the Aadhaar database. We hope the authorities will take the appropriate moves to secure future enrollments and verify the suspect enrollments, Congress tweeted after UIDAI confirmation.

Last month, French security expert Elliott Elderson questioned the UIDAI why its helpline number was found saved on many people’s phones without their knowledge, which led to considerable controversy. Now he has said once again that work with hackers to stop the dent in UIDAI data.


  • The UIDAI said that no operator can make or update Aadhaar unless a resident himself gives his biometric details.
  • The authority said the claims in the report lack substance and are baseless.


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