SpaceX has launched the most powerful Falcon Rocket; First time the Car sent to space

SpaceX has launched the most powerful Falcon Rocket; First time the Car sent to space

America’s private space company, SpaceX has launched its Falcon Heavy Rocket. It was launched at this Tuesday midnight around 2:25 AM according to Indian time. The company claims that it can take twice the weight than the most powerful full rocket Delta-4 which being used at present time. People can be sent to the moon and Mars in the coming time from Falcon Heavy Rocket. Its speed will be so much that eyes will be shocked to see it fly. During the trial, a mannequin is put on the futures space suit. The Tesla car of Cherry Red Color and the statue wearing Future’s suit company’s owner, Elon Musk is being sent in this.

The American Space Agency, NASA has posted a video of this rocket’s creative process on its official website. According to NASA, this rocket will be launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. Also, by describing its feature, it is described as the world’s most powerful rocket. In this rocket, the first stage has 3 Falcon 9 and the middle 27 Merlin 1D engines have been installed. Its length is about 70 meters or 230 feet and 63.8 tons heavy. 

This rocket is capable of carrying 64 tons of weight in space. As far as its capacity is concerned, it has about 18 ‘aircraft-747’ (5 million tons) of power. At present, Rocket Saturn-5 is the most powerful rocket, which was launched in the year 1973. After launch, the rocket will rotate Earth’s orbit and Mars Orbits. After reaching the orbit, this rocket will fly at a speed of 11 kilometres per second.

With the successful launch of the rocket, its space scientists and other employees were excited at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Rocket Launch was being shown live at the SpaceX headquarters. It was arranged in a campground near Kokoa Beach, about 8 kilometres away from the space station, where hundreds of people gathered to see it.

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