Lamborghini presents Aventador S Roadster Japan Edition

Lamborghini presents Aventador S Roadster Japan Edition

Lamborghini has finally presented the newest edition of its popular Aventador S Roadster. The full title of the car is: Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan, given by its creator. The release is a special occasion because the brand has now completed half a century in Japan. The company has released the product with five lustrous variations, each looking sleek and great as ever, so the customer is dumbfounded at its elegance and beauty, and the designs are actually based on the five signs of the earth, wind, fire, water, and sky. Aventador S Roadster was launched during the “Lamborghini Day 2017”, in Tokyo and was based on the water sign.

The special edition was made by  collaboration  of Ad Personam Department and Centro Stile, which made the models resembled their elements by creating a unique coat of paint that gave a special sheen to the cars.

There is a great strategic reasoning behind this launch too, as the company has major sales in the country and they’re also thinking of making other models be available here, so as to make a hold of the market very easily. The models all look great, and it is easily apparent why people would want to buy them all.


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