Maria Sharapova , famous russian tennis player who recently was entangled in Doping scandal and then a recent comeback after her name was cleared, introduced a documentary named, “The Point”. Sharapova’s fan can download the documentary on itune.

Maria Sharapova: The Point, movie revolves around her failures and determination to make a comeback from all struggles she went through in last couple of years.


Sharapova started her career at the age of 14. She won 5 Grand Slams and was a grand slam finalist in 10 tournaments.

Through this film, we can know Maria Sharapova, as we have never known before. She tells her story in a different way and her fans will love the way she is represented in the movie. For the non-fans, they are expected to become a fan after watching this documentary.

Twitter is now flooded with praise for her movie.


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