ICC World Cup 2019 England: Full Schedule, Fixtures and Updates

ICC World Cup 2019 England: Full Schedule, Fixtures and Updates

In the World Cup 2019, the Indian team will now start their campaign against South Africa on June 5. Earlier, India’s campaign was to begin on June 2, but due to the recommendations of the Justice RM Lodha Committee, the date was changed. On Tuesday, there was a meeting of officials of the International Cricket Council (ICC). At the same time, the proposal of India and South Africa to be held on June 2 from June 2 was proposed. The next year will start on March 29 from the IPL. The final will be played on May 19. Accordingly, it was only 14 days till June 2. Due to this, the changes had to be made. The 2019 World Cup will be played in 12 venues in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14. There will be 10 teams in place of 14 in the World Cup this time.

India’s Schedule in ICC World Cup 2019

  1. June 5: India Vs. Africa
  2. June 9: India Vs Australia
  3. June 13: India vs New Zealand
  4. June 16: India Vs Pakistan
  5. June 22: India Vs Afghanistan
  6. June 27: India Vs West Indies
  7. June 30: India Vs England
  8. July 2: India Vs Bangladesh
  9. July 6: India Vs Sri Lanka
  10. July 9: First Semi-final
  11. July 11: Second Semi-final
  12. July 14th: Final

Team’s in World Cup 2019

India, Australia, Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka had already been selected While Afghanistan, and West Indies sealed their place through qualifying round.

World Cup will be played under Round-Robin rules

The round-robin format is such that the winner’s decision. Under this format, every team plays 1-1 games against each other in the starting stage. On the basis of victory and defeat, their position is fixed in the points table. Top-4 teams arrive in knockout semi-finals. The team that is at number 1 played with the fourth-placed team in the semis. At the same time, the team that is in second place is competing with the third team in the semis. The two teams that win the semifinal, the final match will be played between them. The final winner becomes the World Cup champion.


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