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Harbhajan Singh slams Politicians to not play Hindu-Muslim

Harbhajan Singh slams Politicians to not play Hindu-Muslim

On this Sunday before the match, cricketer Harbhajan Singh made a tweet that was liked by Indians very much. He had written a message to the people of India that they stopped fighting in the name of religion and proceeded. Harbhajan Singh wrote, “Croatia a country with a population of nearly 50 lakh will play the final of Football World Cup and we 135 million people’s country are playing Hindu-Muslims. In FIFA World Cup 2018, France became the World champion of the football by defeating Croatia with 4-2. Change your thinking, it will change the country. ‘ On the social media people would agree with Harbhajan Singh, but in the comments, they started blaming each other party.

Although Croatia could not win the final, but his long trip to this is no less surprising. Croatia is a small country with a population of only 4 million. The area of Croatia is as big as Himachal Pradesh. After 68 years, he became the youngest country to reach the finals. Croatia has also become the youngest country to play the World Cup final. Croatia was liberated in 1991. After being separated from Yugoslavia, Croatia had to wait until 1998 to play their first match in the Football World Cup.

France captured Golden Cup Croatia by defeating Croatia in the FIFA World Cup 2018 final. France beat Croatia 4-2 in a splendid display. This is France’s second title. Before that France was established in 1998, the World Champion. After winning the World Cup, France is getting congratulatory greetings from all over the world. On the social media, all the world’s legendary leaders and celebrities are giving the best wishes of France on becoming a winner.

Puducherry’s Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi congratulated Twitter on the World Cup victory over Twitter that Puducherry was part of the French colony in the East. So congratulations to the people of Puducherry on winning the World Cup in France. Kiran Bedi wrote in her tweet, “We Puducherians (who were previously part of France) have won the World Cup. Congratulations friends What was the fantastic mix of France? Adds the game. ‘


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