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WWE champion Jinder Mahal at TGIP, Noida on 15th October 2017

WWE champion Jinder Mahal at TGIP, Noida on 15th October 2017

Meet your favorite wrestler Jinder Mahal on 15th October,2017 at The Great India Place Entertainment City, Noida between 6pm till 7.30 Pm. The champion Jindal is all set to shake-up his visit to India by standing among WWE’s top contenders. Yuvraj Singh Dhesi, ring name Jinder Mahal is an Indo-Canadian wrestler and well known as smackdown guy. He was first released from WWE 2014 and he made his came back two years later after working on his body condition. Mahal achieved success in WrestleMania 33 championship by winning over Randy Orton at Backlash in May 2017 for the WWE. He is first Indian wrestler to win the title for 50th WWE Champion.

The bad guy image has made him achieve great success by defeating to huge name in A.J. Styles and Randy Orton, and by beating Nakamura. Mahal has been in negative headlines but he has massive fan population in India and abroad. WWE believes Mahal is a must-watch star in India since he is quite famous for his ring work.

After entering WWE network, Mahal created his own legacy as WWE Network subscribers increased 0.3% in first three months. Mahal fan following is not just restricted and he is shining through around the globe all over. Check the bad boy video tossing Nakamura and witness the hell in the cell. Fans can embrace his presence and meet him in person on 15th October.

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