The first look for Panchlait, directed by Prem Modi has been released. The movie is going to be released on 17th November and it seems that it is going to be very politically oriented, dealing with village Panchayat and revolving around older men. The teaser released is very intriguing as it features a dimply lit lamp and men surrounding it, and the flame is wavering, so it looks like the movie is going to be about the lack of electricity in the villages of India and the efforts of the people in trying to change the facilities in their homes.

Prem Modi is an acclaimed director who has been recognized by many film organizations for his directing and writing, he has worked with Ranjeet Kapoor, Aparna Sen and Anjan dutt and it seems that he has found the right material to challenge the authorities of India.

The movie stars the acclaimed indie character actors Yashpal Sharma, who has starred in movies like Lagaan and Gangaajal, and Brijendra Kala whose work in Paan singh Tomar and Aakho Dekhi has been lauded by critics and audiences alike. With the talent involved, it is looking like Panchlait is going to be a very thought provoking movie and it has already created buzz on the social media with its first look.

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