FIFA world cup 2018 Russia: Competing teams finalised

FIFA world cup 2018 Russia: Competing teams finalised

Peru is the last team to be added in the final list of countries which will be competing in the FIFA world cup 2018, that is scheduled to take place in Russia. From North America, New Mexico and Costa Rica have qualified for the competition, while United States missed, after losing the game to the team of Trinidad & Tobago. Brazil was the first and the most easily predictable qualifier, while Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina, along with Peru were all successful in the qualification matches. Five countries from Africa qualified, with Nigeria being the most prominent in the competition. Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia were also able to qualify for the first time since, and as far back as 1986.

A good 14 countries qualified from Eurrope, with the exception of Netherlands and Italy. 5 countries, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia will be competing from Asia, even though China failed to qualify this time.

The seven countries which have previously won the world cup qualified this time, including, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain, Uruguay, England and Argentina.

The anticipation for the world cup is all over the social media, and the fans of the sports have been more excited for next year for only this reason.

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