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CWG 2018: Manu Bhakar, Poonam Raut and Heena Sidhu boosted Indian tally at day 4

CWG 2018: Manu Bhakar, Poonam Raut and Heena Sidhu boosted Indian tally at day 4
Written by Abhishek Lohia

After the weightlifting in Commonwealth Games, good news has come for India. In the women’s 10-meter air pistol, Manu Bhake of India and Hina Sidhu gave India two medals. Manu Bhakra, 16, won the sixth gold medal for the country, while Hina Sidhu made her second silver medal. In the final, Manu scored 240.9 points, and Hina got 234 points. Along with that, India has achieved 9 medals with 6 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze and it is third in the medal tally. India’s best performance in weightlifting continues for the fourth day. Poonam Yadav of India put the fifth gold in the 69 kg category of India. Poonam raised a total weight of 222 kg in 69 kg weight. 100 in snatch and Poonam weighing 122 kg in clean and jerk.

On Saturday, Rahul and Satish Shivalingan made their names two gold medals. In the 85 kg category of weightlifting, Venkat Rahul Ragla gave India the Gold Medal. Rahul took 338 kilograms of gold for the gold medal of India. Satish Kumar Shivalingam won the gold medal in the 53kg category. Satish took 136 kilograms of weight in his first attempt in the snatch.

So far in the Commonwealth, India has won a total of five gold. All these gold is available in India for weightlifting. Out of the five gold received so far, three gold medal women veterans have won. Apart from this, India’s Venkat Rahul Ragla and Satish Shivalingam also won gold on the third day. Earlier, India’s female weightlifter Meerabai Chanu and Sanjita Chanu also won gold. 

On the first day, India’s Meerabai Chanu gave the country the first gold and Sanjeeeta Chanu, the star weightlifter of India, won. After this, Satish Kumar Shivalingam and now Rahul Ragla also gave India gold. In the men’s category, Gururaja of India won the Silver Medal. Weightlifter Gururaja Pujari raised 249 kg in a 56 kg category. Deepak Lathar won the bronze medal in 6the 9kg category.

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