CWG 2018: Indian athletes to come up with big decision, CGF Court hearing today

CWG 2018: Indian athletes to come up with big decision, CGF Court hearing today

The case of allegations of getting a syringe from the residence of Indian athletes has now reached the Court of the Commonwealth Games Federation. It has been considered a violation of a no-needle policy (non-needle policy). The CGF issued a press release saying, “The CGF Medical Commission has concluded its investigation into alleged violation of the CGF’s non-needle policy. The conclusions have been extended to the CGF’s Federation Court which will hear the case. The hearing will be held on Tuesday at 10 a.m., and the decision will be pronounced only after that. ‘ Any possible restrictions will be decided after the hearing. Games Chief David Gravenberg told reporters, “There has been a clear violation of non-needle policy, and under the part of our investigation, a CGA (Commonwealth Games Association) has been called to meet the Medical Commission.

These needles have been brought here, but they have no clearance to stay there. ‘ This case has not been defined as a rule of the anti-doping violation but was found to be a violation of the No-Needle policy of CGF, which has been introduced in Major Events. It has been claimed in the report that employees who cleaned the anti-doping officers knew about the syringe. After this, the Australian Anti-Doping Agency (ASADA) and local police raided the room being shared by four boxers. The syringe was found in this room, which was thrown into a plastic bottle. 

Boxers initially dismissed these accusations, but team doctor again accepted the use of the syringe. He, however, insisted that it was not misused. According to the report, on Saturday, Australian anti-doping officials had recovered the syringe from the dustbin outside the Indian team’s room. Where this syringe was found, four boxers of the Indian team are living. After this, the players were tested dope. Due to the suspicion of doping, the Indian team has been tested.

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