Three BJP MLAs could pull down Manohar Parrikar Government, Goa Congress claims

Three BJP MLAs could pull down Manohar Parrikar Government, Goa Congress claims

Goa Congress: In Goa, Congress claimed on Wednesday that three legislators of ruling BJP are in touch with them, with the help of which the coalition government led by opposition party Manohar Parrikar can be pulled down. The BJP, however, dismissed the claim and said that Congress is making “fool”. Congress spokesperson and legislator Dayanand Sopte of Goa claimed, “Three BJP MLAs of Parrikar’s led government is in touch with the Congress and they are ready to join the party to demolish the government.” He, however, refused to give the names of the legislators. Sopte said, “I read in newspapers that some Congress MLAs can go to BJP. As far as I am concerned, no one has contacted me or I have contacted anybody. These are rumors spread by BJP. ”

Goa Congress leader claimed that on the contrary, three BJP MLAs have approached us. Soapte said that if three legislators came, the number would be in favor of the Congress. He said, “If you see the numbers, Congress has 16 legislators in the 40-member Congressional assembly. If three (BJP) MLAs come with us then our number will become 19. ” The Congress says that out of 12 cabinet ministers including Parrikar, four are suffering from serious diseases, due to which they are unable to discharge their official duties with full potential. In such a situation, the governor should sack the government. In BJP, there was speculation in Goa for the leadership change.

There is a coalition government in Goa. No party was able to get a full majority in the elections held in the state last year. Congress emerged as the largest party by winning 17 of the 40 seats. At the same time BJP was in second place with 13 seats. However, later BJP formed a coalition government under the leadership of Manohar Parrikar. Then Parrikar was the defense minister in the center and he resigned from this post.

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