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25 November: VHP to organise a big rally for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

Written by Abhishek Lohia

VHP is preparing for a big rally in Ayodhya, Mumbai, and Bengaluru on 25th November. The purpose of this rally is to strengthen the pressure on the government for the construction of Ram temple or Ram Mandir. These rallies will be organized on 25th November in Ayodhya in North India, Mumbai in central India and Bengaluru in Central India. In the meeting of the High Court Committee of Delhi held in Delhi, the proposal for such rallies was passed all over the country. According to VHP’s General Secretary Surendra Jain, 5 to 10 lakh saints and Ram temple supporters are going to join this Rally.

Under the VHP rally, the strategy to increase the pressure on the government will be held on December 9 at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan and nationwide rally. This rally before starting of the Winter Session of Parliament is considered as a big Political move of BJP.

During the recent Diwali meeting of the RSS held in Mumbai, the RSS chief, Bhaiyyaji Joshi, also expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s decision and said that the law should be adopted.

RSS ideologist and Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Singh Ram have said that he will bring a private member bill on the construction of the Ram temple. The government is also showing signs of bringing law or ordinance on the construction of Ram temple, but due to lack of clarity, VHP and Saints want to keep constant pressure on the government. Before the Winter Session of Parliament, VHP is going to organize a large rally in Delhi and wants to tell the government that the government should bring legislation or ordinance on building Ram temple.

VCHP will conduct rallies in every district of the country for the construction of Ram temple, as well as the saints will also encroach parliamentarians along with the local citizens and sign them for making laws in parliament for the construction of Ram temple. At this moment, in the election season, VHP is seeing the demand for construction of the Ram temple and is engaged in accelerating the agitation.

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