Valentine Day romantic Movies and Songs a couple should watch

Valentine Day romantic Movies and Songs a couple should watch
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Valentine Day is a day of love. On this day, every corner of a person’s life is filled with love. Where many couple prefer going on a hangout there are some couples who just want to spend the day at home with their loved one. Instead of making the day boring they prefer watching movies and also prefer listening songs. Some couples apart from the fear of getting bored watch some romantic movies and make the partner feel special. Many movies have been specially made for watching on valentine day.

A Walk To Remember is one such romantic movie that couple prefer to watch. This movie was made in 2002. This movie is based on teenage love. Dirty Dancing is american romantic drama movie. It is very old movie. It was made in 1987. Notting Hill is another romantic movie. People who are deeply in love prefer watching this movie. Some couples prefer watching romantic comedy film, for those Love Actually named movie is best. It has good sense of humor. Titanic is an all time favorite movie for all couples. Pretty Women is a movie which was shot in 1990. It represents love of ancient time. Crazy, Stupid, love is purely a romantic movie which is based on person who do craziness when they are in love.

Apart from watching movies, couples also prefer listening to romantic songs. A list of romantic songs on the valentine eve completes the day for the both. Love Me Like You Do is a very beautiful melodious song which depicts infinite love. The lyrics of music All of Me depicts intense love. Just The Way You Are is another romantic songs which has great impact on the partner’s life. The lyrics of the song We Belong Together is very immense. The words have deep meaning. By listening and watching to these movies and song, a couple can spend Valentine Day at home.

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