Valentine Day 2018 : Unknown facts about the Valentine day

Valentine Day 2018 : Unknown facts about the Valentine day

Valentine Day is the day of love where couples spend time together. This week has experienced surprises in everyone’s life. Valentine Day is a day where lovers propose each other. They confess their love for each other. Valentine Day is a day that is totally devoted to the lovers. Everyone prefers to spend the day with their better half. There are many facts that still many people don’t know about Valentine Day.

Valentine Day was originated when Bishop Valentine went on and performed his secret wedding. For this, Valentine was jailed and was punished. Initially, it was considered as a bad luck to give Valentine Day card. More than 1 million cards are exchanged during the Valentine Day. People who are in one-sided love also exchange the cards on this day. Some people who are single usually go to get together and celebrate the day with the friends and close people. This day is not only celebrated by the unmarried people but married people also go for celebration. In ancient times, young men and women use to withdraw the slips which contains the name of the valentine.

Valentine Day was declared holiday by the England’s King Henry VII. On this day, many chocolates are exchanged and chocolates mark the calmness in oneself. More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate is sold on the Valentine Day. 73% of males purchase roses and 27% are women who purchase roses. More people purchase cards prior to the Valentine week for their loved ones. Red roses are considered as a symbol of Love and they are exchanged as a token of Love. More than 189 stems of roses are sold on Valentine Day. The maximum number of cards received is by the teachers, followed by mother, wives. Maximum every person who is in love propose to their loved ones.

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