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Holi 2018: Skin care tips and Skin protection treatment by Skin Specialist

Holi 2018: Skin care tips and Skin protection treatment by Skin Specialist

The festival that we all have been waiting for long is holi and it is almost around the corners. Skin is a very sensitive sense organ. Holi colors causes a lot of allergies and skin problems. Holi colors even cause a lot of break-outs and cause skin problems. Holi celebration has already begun and holi function is all around the corners. Today on interacting with a skin specialist named Dr. Ankita Sarpal who is highly qualified in her field had an interactive interview in which she gave some tips to get rid of skin problems during holi.

Make use of full shelves clothes that cover maximum part of body. By doing this, the skin will be less exposed to the outside world. Use waterproof sunscreen lotion so that even if your skin is exposed to sun it doesn’t get tanned and the skin is protected after it. One should also use vaseline under the nails to protect the colors from getting into nails. Use vaseline in ears also so that no colors sticks to the parts. If during playing holi, itching level or any irritation level increases one must wash the part as soon as possible.

If the irritation level is high and one is not getting rid of it. One must consult the doctor if he is not getting rid of this irritation. One must apply a moisturised soap with lukewarm salt water and add a drop of baby oil to it this will help in reducing the color friction. By following all this, one will be able to get rid of colors. Colors add light to our life. Instead of using synthetic colors one must use organic colors as it will not mark one with allergies, irritation and other problems related to skin.

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