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After SC verdict its time to accept homosexuality and LGBTQ community by society

After SC verdict its time to accept homosexuality and LGBTQ community by society
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Homosexuality is a topic that has often been weighed on the ‘right or wrong’ ornament. Correct or incorrect because, for those who are not related to it, it is just like being a ‘hobby’ or ‘addicted to the rich’ or against the nature. On Thursday, a new message of freedom was written in Independent India. In India, homosexuality will no longer be called a crime. That is, no one can try to enter anyone’s bedroom by using the title of the law. Basically, it is a tight slap on raising ‘Morale Policing’. But all this is not that easy anymore. Although it is being applauded by calling it ‘historical decision’, but it is, in fact, its acceptability in the society, which is still equal to the bottom of the law frame.

In particular, the people of this community who are seen by a big-big sidelong from the community are not hidden from anyone. Indeed, the case of homosexuality is not entirely sexual and neither of the “natural or unnatural” physical relations, but it is a complete case. And as a society we should be sensitive about it. This issue is too sensitive that we can not accept that minority idea from respect. This war of acceptance has been taking care of every community which has been rejected by the end, assuming weak or minority.

Actually, all this is related to our sensitivity and acceptance which is associated with it. Whether it is acceptability and sensitivity towards women, towards the gay community, towards the rickshaw puller, towards the boy, who sells tea on Platform or Roads or to any person who believes in other religion-logic. 

Most important are the feelings and emotions that give us the power of acceptance even to different people from ourselves. Homosexuality of women or Gaysex is considered to be ‘unnatural’ and ‘fashion’. Often without understanding feelings, tests and towels, we declare these sentiments as anti-social and reject them.

But it is clear that Outside Twitter, Facebook, and the roads, homes, buses, and trains and the sensibilities in society are waiting a long way to get the honors for these LGBT Community. They also deserve respect as we deserve, they also want equality as we want, they also want our affection.

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Abhishek Lohia

Abhishek Lohia was a Sports and Political Writer working for Newsfolo and is no longer associated with the organization.

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