Recipe for Creamy Chicken Breast in just 25 minutes

Recipe for Creamy Chicken Breast in just 25 minutes

No say no to boring and timing consuming recipes for chicken breast. Add this tasty curry flavor with boneless chicken breast and make a tasty meal. For side dish add some roasted potatoes and enjoy it with rice or bread. You can cook this dish with dry white wine or you can use chicken broth of apple juice for extra flavor. To prepare this dish you will need four to six piece of chicken breast cut into half. It will be best if you use boneless without skin.

Now take out all other item for preparation, half cup flour, two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, one table spoon butter, one cup chicken stock, half cup white wine (dry), Half cup pasrley (fresh, chopped or about 1 tablespoon dried), Black pepper to taste, salt to taste, four green onions (thinly sliced), Four cloves garlic (finely minced), One & half teaspoons curry powder, Third fourth cup of cream.

Direction to cook Creamy Chicken Breast:- 

First wash chicken breast with clean water and keep it aside to dry. After five minutes sprinkle some salt, pepper and flour on breast at the both sides. Keep chicken to marinate and heat some oil in the pan. Add some butter to it and saute pan into medium heat. After one minute add chicken breast into the pan and cook it for about five minutes on each side, until it is lightly brown.

Now take a separate pan and add the chicken broth, white dry wine, chopped parsley, chopped green onions, garlic, and curry powder into the pan. Bring it to boil on low medium heat and simmer it uncovered for five minutes. Now cover the pan and cook it for ten minutes more. After ten minutes add cream and  salt, to taste. Heat it through for two minutes.

Your creamy chicken breast is now ready for serve. Put your cooked chicken breast in a serving plate and cove it with hot creamy sauce you prepared. You can enjoy it with some roasted potato,bread or rice.

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