Phoolon wali Holi 2018: Date and Celebration

Phoolon wali Holi 2018: Date and Celebration

Holi is a festival of colors and it is usually celebrated with colors and it is usually celebrated with colors, sticks and flowers in Vrindavan. This type of holi is celebrated on Ekadashi before Holi. This will be celebrated on February 26 this year. People will play holi during this day with flowers. On this day no colors or water is used, people only play with flowers. Flowers are dried and then people usually through colors at each other. This event is not popular but it is still celebrated with the flowers and is celebrated immensely within people.

This holi begins as soon as the gates of the temple are open i.e. at 4 pm. Flowers are even thrown by the temple priest to the devotees. India will witness this type of holi on February 26. This holi will be celebrated in Vrindavan in the Banke Bihari temple. This is a temple which will experience this type of holi. Many tourist also visit the temple and enjoy this holi. No specific categorization is made, people of every age group play holi of flowers. This is celebrated two days before the holika dahan. Children also enjoy this type of holi and enjoy throwing flowers at each other.

Holi is a dynamic festival of joy and this festival is celebrated with flowers. The priest of the temple celebrates the day with enthusiasm and zeal. This is a dynamic festival of colors but this festival is celebrated with zeal and mainly what mostly plays a important role is flowers. The petals of flowers are taken out and this plays holi. People of every age group plays this holi. This holi is mainly played in Vrindavan. Other places usually play holi with colors and water but this holi which is played two days before holika dahan is celebrated with flowers.

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