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Happy Onam Images, Important Dates, Attraction and Importance

Happy Onam Images, Important Dates, Attraction and Importance

Onam 2018 Images and Wallpapers: Onam is the main festival celebrated in Kerala. This festival is celebrated in the memory of King Bali. Every year this festival is organized in Shravan Nakshatra. In the Malayalam language, only the Shravan Nakshatra is called Onam. On this day people make Rangoli in their homes. From all the children to the big, all wear new clothes. Various types of elephants races, boat races, etc. are organized on this day. A delicious dish is prepared in the houses. This celebration is celebrated for several days. It is believed that King Bali came to see his citizens on this day. This festival is also related to the Vaman incarnation of Vishnu. On this day, everybody worshiped Lord Vishnu along with Lord Vishnu.

Attractions of Onam 2018

  • Vallam Kali
  • Pookalam
  • Onasadya
  • Thiruvathira Kali
  • Pulikali
  • Kummattikali

10 Days of Onam Celebration

The celebration of Onam is lasting to 10 days. Each day of Onam festival have some important factors. The 10 Days Celebration Starts on the day Atham in Malayalam Calendar. Let’s check the 10 Days of Onam 2018.

Chithira August 16, 2018
Atham August 15, 2018
Chodhi August 17, 2018
Vishakham August 18, 2018
Anizham August 19, 2018
Thriketa August 20, 2018
Moolam August 21, 2018
Pooradam August 22, 2018
Uthradom August 23, 2018
Uthradom August 24, 2018
Thiruvonam August 25, 2018
Avvittom August 26, 2018
Chatayam August 27, 2018

Onam Wallpapers and Pictures

“Maveli nadu vanidum kalam
manusharellarum onnupole
amodathode vassikkum kalam
apathangarkkumottilla thanum”

“When King Mavel was ruling the land
all People were equal and same
there was no theft and betrayal
Not even little bit lying”

Onam Wishes in English

  1. I’m wishing you to have the best and most successful Onam festival this year.
    Have a happy Onam with your family and friends!
  2. To my wonderful friends,
    I’m hoping that this Onam festival be the start of your good and prosperous life.
    Have fun with your family!
    Love lots!
  3. Wishing you a colorful, bright, prosperous, joyous, merry and successful Onam!
  4. Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts.
    May your home be filled with joy, love and peace.
    Happy Onam!

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