Nagaur fair 2018 Jodhpur : Check Details here

Nagaur fair 2018 Jodhpur : Check Details here

Nagaur fair is a three-day festival that takes place every year in the month of February. This festival takes place in Nagaur. This is the second largest fair in India. It is popularly known as the Cattle fair of Nagaur. This is so-called because the Nagaur Fair is mainly all about trading of animals. This is situated half way between the Jodhpur and Bikaner. There are about 25,000 camels on display and a large number of horses and cattle as well. The animals are lavishly decorated and even their owners are dressed up by wearing colorful turbans and long moustaches.

There is a lot of sports activities that takes place in the fair. The sports that takes place ranges from tug-of-war, camel races to bullock races to cock fights. Nagaur fair is also famous for its jugglers, puppeteers, storytellers, etc. For further entertainment, there is the folk music of the Jodhpur that is usually running throughout the fair. The nearest way to get to the fair is that there is a nearest airport which is the Jodhpur airport. The Nearest Railway station is at Merta Road.

Mirchi Bazar is the main attraction of the people who come to attend the festival. There are some quality wooden items, iron crafts and leather accessories for the tourists too during the festival. This festival is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm among the people and a lot of tourists flock visit to this place to witness the scenario of this festival. The most notable thing to watch in the festivals of Rajasthan is the local people in their traditional multi-hued attire, particularly the women, they wear the traditional dress of Rajasthan. Nagaur Festival of Rajasthan every year succeeds in beckoning a large number of tourists who come and be a part of these festivals.

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