Eating fish can increase the level of Diabetes risk

Eating fish can increase the level of Diabetes risk
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Eating fish increases the level of diabetes. Many people depends on Fish as a source of fat and energy but fish usually carries a virus. In a conversation with Newsfolo, Dr. Aanchal Khanna explained about the type of virus which usually enters our body. She said “there are two types of diabetes but the most affected on is Type 2 Diabetes”. Fishes are the carrier of viruses. She conveyed that in a recent observation on 40 people it was found that a single virus was present in the gut of all the people. Fishes carry different types of viruses. Type 2 diabetes usually soaks the blood sugar.

In the conversation, she described about the past cases which were registered that the fish holds a different relationship with the type 2 diabetes. She also gave an approximation idea about the people who gets affected by the fish consumption viruses is 38%. Usually the virus enters the blood and makes the blood sugar soar. She claimed that all the people who are in a regular habit of consuming the fish has 5% more chances of getting affected with this. She further added that not only fish consumption but the consumption of meat also makes the blood sugar to sink.

She also narrated that type 2 diabetes occur when the blood sugar increases on a sudden and a disturbance is made. She also spoke about the viruses which affects the blood sugar level. In a conversation she added that the virus is present in the gut of the body and it affects slowly. Eating fish is overall considered healthy but some viruses also enters the body.

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