Herbs and natural food for boosting immunity during Corona pandemic

Herbs and natural food for boosting immunity during Corona pandemic

Immunity cannot be increased in one day but healthy foods can detoxify and keep body resilient against common viruses. Corona virus has spread all over the world and has been declared as a pandemic. Infected person can act as contagion agent through personal contact such as handshaking, sneezing, coughing or while communicating. India has seen sudden surge in last few days. There is no cure or vaccine for corona virus and no food can cure or prevent it, but still we can keep our immune system strong. Strong immune system can help in fighting morbid condition in case of infection. Increased mortality factor observing past cases points to a trend where infected person’s immunity was weak , especially people with co-morbid conditions were found to be most vulnerable. Its very common for old aged persons above the age of 60 years to have health issue – obesity, diabetes, hypertension.

Major immunity booster foods during Covid-19 pandemic ( Corona Virus ):

  • Citrus fruits:  vitamin C helps to build up the immune system. Increase consumption of orange, sweet lemon, grape, Indian goose berry (Amla)  can help in fighting viral infections
  • Garlic: Garlic is found almost in every Indian dish. Garlic has immunity booster property, anti-oxidant property. 
  • Turmeric: Turmeric has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory property that helps to prevent in various diseases. It is very much useful in daily Indian meal for preparing foods. Half tea spoon turmeric can be taken with one glass of milk. 
  • Almonds, walnuts, and other nuts: nuts are good source of micronutrients which are good for the health. They are rich in vitamin E and omega,, fatty acids.
  • Kiwi: kiwi is very much popular food. it is loaded with few of nutrients like vitamin K, Vitamin C and potassium e.t.c
  • Food should be cooked n proper way. Avoid raw cooked for some time
  • Luke warm and lemon water helps to detoxify the body. So, increase the intake if water, lemon water and coconut water
  • Sanitation and hygiene is very important aspect for maintaining the good health.
  • Avoid fast/junk food like pizza, burger. 

It should be kept in mind that food proportion, food items, utensils and other used equipment are clean properly.



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Bharti Goel

Research scholar Department of Food and Nutrition, Government Home Science College, Chandigarh, Punjab University

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