Good food is good for good health. Staying away from corona by inculcating some good healthy diets. Some healthy food habits in your daily routine are as follows. Follow healthy food habits during corona virus outbreak – Newsfolo

Follow healthy food habits during corona virus outbreak

Follow healthy food habits during corona virus outbreak

World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11 declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. Corona virus has created an atmosphere of fear globally infected more then a million. United States, Europe and China were the most affected countries due to covid-19 virus. Healthy foods cannot cure virus like covid-19, but can be beneficial in building resiliency during infection. Covid-19 has killed more then 60,000 and experts have speculated much higher figure till vaccine or cure can be found.

Healthy food habits during Covid-19 ( Corona virus ) epidemic :

    1. Drinking luke warm water: Water not only helps in rejuvenating skin but also helps in detoxification . Sufficient intake of water is recommended.   
    2. Tulsi ginger tea : One can replace milk tea with tulsi ginger tea or flavoured tea as rich in anti- oxidant.
    3. Coconut water: Coconut water is very much good for health as it is rich in potassium content
    4. Use of turmeric in diet: Turmeric is very much appreciable for anti-oxidant and good for health as turmeric can be taken in form of powder in the milk, veggies. For example: Half tea spoon of turmeric powder can be taken in one glass of milk.
    5. Eat more citrus fruits :-  Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C that act as anti-oxidant and also acts as free radical scavengers. Citrus fruits are Orange, lemon etc
    6. Nuts and oilseeds: Increase intake of nuts and oilseeds because it is rich in vitamin and anti-oxidant content.
    7. Immunity Boosters Food: One body immunity is only weapon to fight with corona virus. So, basically it’s time to maintain body immunity which can prevent from corona virus. There are various immunity booster foods in Indian spices like fennel (saunf), cinnamon powder, cumin ( jeera seeds), coriander (dhania) seeds, cardamom powder(elaichi) and cloves. 
    8. Avoid fast food completely and hotels /outside food.
    9. Prefer clean and cooked foods 
    10. Stay safe and stay health.

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Sunidhi Mishra

PhD Research scholar Department of Food science and Nutrition CCAS, MPUAT, UDAIPUR, RAJASTHAN

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