Brand Bageecha designers thinks that People are reviving their old, traditional weaves

Brand Bageecha designers thinks that People are reviving their old, traditional weaves
Written by Shubham Jain

Designers of the brand Bageecha, Akshay Gupta and Anika Dhawan Gupta have said that people are reviving the traditional and old weaves of which some like jaal, shikargarh and buta are back in fashion as brides are opting for such trends.

“To be honest, people are reviving original and traditional weaves. The small buta is back in fashion, intricate jaals and the shikargah weaves are very popular with brides today. As I mentioned, young people are slowly beginning to celebrate their roots and take pride in their ancestry,” Dhawan said.

The designers, who are going to launch their latest store here on Friday evening, says that their aim is to capture the exuberance of the city and history of Banaras and intends to hold on to its traditional designing roots with a vision to cater to the changing world.

“I grew up inspired by what my family does and our heritage and lineage always stood out for me. From my grandfather to my father, I’ve been told of stories across 100 years of creating beautiful woven silks right from the heart of Banaras.

“I realised that this market today is untapped and people have moved away from this beautiful product. With the help of my wife, Anika Dhawan, who also happens to own Rani Pink, one of the leading wedding décor companies in India, I decided to start Bageecha. My business acumen along with her creative approach lends to the younger touch of Bageecha,” said Gupta.

The brand’s Autumn/Winter 2017 line consists of classic motifs and intricate fine patterns in brighter and younger colours. “The Bageecha bride complements her silver kamarband and paijeb with an antique silver purse carried off with timeless elegance. She is feminine and classic in her classic silk lehenga with bright pastels woven with zari. The contemporary touch in our opinion is a revival of everything that was once celebrated and today is being appreciated by the younger generation,” said Dhawan.

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