Donald Trump At White House Event, Glass Manufacturing Back To US

Donald Trump At White House Event, Glass Manufacturing Back To US
Written by Aiman

US President Donald Trump today found time for an event welcoming pharma giants Corning at White House Event, Amidst the failed health care reform bill and his scandalous remarks about his own Attorney General Jeff Session, Pfizer and Merck into the White House to announce a new glass packing initiative that promises to return pharmaceutical glass manufacturing to the United States. Others present at the event included Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Assistant to the President for Intragovernmental and Technology Initiatives Reed Cordish.

The startup promises to create more than 4000 manufacturing jobs in the US amounting to investments of over $4 billion. Corning announced and described a new glass packing technology called Valor Glass that stores and delivers injectable drugs. The initial investment of the three companies will cover the expansion of Corning facilities as well as costs for a new plant in the Southeast, details of which are yet to appear. The event, part of Trump’s America First week, featured CEOs who spoke of their reluctance to invest in the country till they received assurances from the Trump team.

The return of pharma glass manufacturing to the US was to be seen as the direct collaboration between the three prestigious companies with the direct support of the White House. “Every day, we are fighting to bring back our jobs, to restore our industry, and to put America first,” said President Trump.

The America First policy of the Trump administration has rankled many allies, and it was painfully obvious that the isolationist policies of the Trump administration were not being taken too kindly at the G-20, where every other country, as well as the EU, signed to pledge their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. There was also no love lost between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has objected to Trump’s protectionist market stance. Today’s event will probably win him some support with his rural base but with more serious controversies threatening to boil over, it is wait-and-watch for the Trump administration.

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